Apps for Matric Learners
(15 Sep 2015)

Apps for Matrics Expresso

Apps for Matric Learners


With the prelims almost over and the final matric exams on the horizon, there's no doubt our young matrics are feverishly working the midnight oil across the country to get ready for the biggest exams of their lives.

For those who are feeling the pressure, help is at hand! There are a number of educational apps and services available right now, and here are a few that caught our eye.



If you’re struggling with a problem and need a tutor, one online service called Teach Me 2 specialises in recruiting top-quality tutors and matching them with a student to achieve their learning goals.


Using the service online, you can search from a list of thousands of tutors across the country for a suitable teacher in your area who can help you out with the subject you’re struggling with


They offer tutors for Accounting, Afrikaans, English, Life Sciences, Maths, Physical Science

93% of learners who took 10 lessons or more using the service improved their test scores by an average of 20% (e.g. 60% to 80%).


Bonus: You won’t have to pay for your first hour if you’re not happy with your tutor.


Visit their website for more information.



Omo Fast Kids 

For those students who are struggling with Maths, the Fast Kids Maths app is an interactive online learning platform for mobile phones, tablet devices and desktop browsers intended to make maths fun.


The platform is designed to cater for various levels of educational experience and mathematical aptitude, and can be used by people of all ages looking to improve their basic mathematical foundation, from number bonds, time tables and general arithmetic through the use of drills.


Visit their website for more information.



Paper Video

For those matrics preparing for the final exams, one service that has become hugely popular across the country is Paper Video.


The Paper Video service is like having an "on demand Will Smith from the Learning Channel" as your private tutor on your cellphone, laptop or tablet, allowing you to get access to highly experienced, young, energetic teachers who explain solutions to exam questions in video format.


With us in studio to tell us how it works, Co-founders of Paper Video Paul Maree and Chris Mills joined us in studio to tell us a bit more about this incredible app.


Having launched the service just last year you had over 37,000 video views in the first 2 months. Since then you’ve helped transform the learning landscape in SA through technology – but how does Paper Video work?


Most students prepare for their exams by working through “past papers”, which are widely available with written solutions. Paper Video adds a new and unique online dimension: if a student gets stuck on a question, they can scan or enter a code next to the question with their mobile device or computer, and a video will pop up, in which an experienced teacher explains the solution, step by step.

Every video includes an explanation of the relevant theory and concepts, as well as a guideline for how to approach the question and a detailed answer. This allows students to access their own personal teacher, whenever and wherever they need to, for the specific questions they are struggling with.

In this way, Paper Video is aiming to ensure that every student in South Africa can benefit from the advantages associated to being able to afford a “private tutor”.


If you'd like to find out more about Paper Video, visit their website or Facebook page.


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