B.E.E. - Best of Everything Ever
(25 Apr 2013)

barry hilton

B.E.E. - Best of Everything Ever 

South African Comedy legend, Barry Hilton, famously known as 'The Cousin', will present his latest show Barry Hilton B.E.E. -Best of Everything Ever at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town for two nights only next week,  on 26 and 27 April 2013. 

Hilton was notified recently he'd been shortlisted, alongside John Cleese and Whose Line is it Anyway, for Best Comedy Act for Dubai's Timeout Nightlife Awards 2013. The hilarious Hilton is the first South African comedian to be invited to perform at the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah Theatre in Dubai.  His stellar performances on 21, 22 and 23 February were met with rave reviews and rapturous applause.The show came about when Fans kept asking for their old favourites. Whether you’re a teenager or a pensioner, a single dad or an internet dating forty year old divorcee, you’ll laugh till your belly aches listening to Barry’s side-splitting interpretations of everyday events. A professional, successful comedian and corporate entertainer for a whopping 30 years his previous Dubai performance was to a sold out audience at The Address Hotel in 2010.  The show organiser, Gail Clough, Owner of The Laughter Factory Dubai said:  “We just want to thank you for coming to the Middle East and absolutely rocking both Doha and Dubai. We have had so many compliments about the show I don’t know where to begin. The Laughter factory is delighted with the response. Our Aussie, USA and British members loved your comedy.”

Barry Hilton B.E.E. -Best of Everything Ever showcases some of Hilton’s current work as well as audience favourites that span a phenomenal 30 years on stage as a successful, professional comedian. With his relaxed stage demeanour and gregarious personality, Barry continues to strive and thrive, performing both locally and internationally.  During 2012 he performed to rave reviews on five of the seven continents and extensively throughout Africa proving that audiences of every nationality can relate to his humour. Steering clear of political satire, swearing, explicit content and blasphemy the comedy stalwart’s fan base continues to grow and his unique international appeal has ensured a fan base that spans the globe.  

With more comedians on the South African comedy scene than ever before, Barry Hilton still tops the list with theatres, corporates and advertising agencies.  He has stayed on the scene by ‘keeping it clean’ and continually coming up with new material which he sources mostly by just being observant, keeping up to date with the news, living his life to the full and seeing the funny side of everything.

Barry last performed in Cape Town in 2012 with New Zealand comic Mike King and before that he sold out the GrandWest Arena in 2010 and 2011. Zimbabwean by birth, he spent his high school years in Cape Town where he attended Observatory Boys High School and where he went on to do an apprenticeship as an electrician, living and working in the Mother City for some years before moving to Johannesburg to further his early career as a comedian.

Barry has worked to rapturous applause and rave reviews across the world - on busses, planes and trains; in corporate boardrooms and men’s locker rooms, on board international cruise liners and in auditoriums and stadiums, under the stars in the African bush and on the white sands of tropical beaches, from church pulpits, school stages and on radio, television and the big screen - a more experienced and versatile comedian is hard to find.

Described in South Africa as a national treasure, Barry is one of the funniest comedians around.  His universal appeal has earned him a fanbase that spans continents and saw him perform on five of the seven continents last year alone.

Barry Hilton B.E.E. - Best of Everything Ever is at the Baxter Theatre on 26 and 27 April 2013 at 20h30 with tickets costing R120 via Computicket.   Advance booking is recommended.

More about Barry 

As an electrician by trade who’s studied in both SA and the UK, and a guy who has opened businesses and raised a bunch of kids, Barry’s got the life experience to back up a lifetime of stories.

 At the age of 26 he made the decision to be a full time comedian and for three decades he has provided South Africa, and the world, with a Barry-flavoured brand of observational satire, comedy and storytelling. Following a Barry Hilton show you feel relaxed, flooded with endorphins and updated on topical global issues, like you’ve just hung out with your favourite and funniest uncle.

Barry’s television career kicked off with a breakfast show in 1996 called ‘Catch a wake up’ and at the end of the first millennium, Barry was invited to endorse a local brand of South African cider with the slogan, ‘it’s dry, but you can drink it’.

 More TV work followed, with the ‘Funny you should say that’ chat show in 2003 and ‘The Generation Game’ in 2008. He has also been involved in various other radio and television adverts and released five comedy DVDs as well as starting a franchise of online DVD stores called COUSINSDVD!

In 2009, Barry made his debut in the movie star world playing the lead character of Lenny Vincent in ‘Finding Lenny’. Much aligned to his real life had he been a sports writer not a comedian, Finding Lenny is a story about a man who at the age of 50 reaches an about turn after a series of incidents and enforced changes! Co-incidentally in his early fifties, Barry lost a brother to cancer and also married his third wife, Sandy Hilton, with whom he now has a beautiful boy called Jack, his sixth child. In the film he ends up coaching soccer, a sport Barry is very passionate about.

 For his role of Lenny, he was nominated for Best Actor in the Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood, which he attended in August 2009. In 2010, he then starred in a mockumentary alongside five top SA comedians in Outrageous and in 2012 he is working on a film with SA’s award-winning film director Anant Singh. 

Ahead of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Barry went down under and across to New Zealand too as part of his Serial Comic World Tour to take his cousin-flavoured concoction of humour to homesick masses and new fans. He performed 20 shows in 25 days. Barry made many wonderful friends and met some of the local talent, including NZ comedian Mike King who he then invited to perform in SA in early 2012.

His Serial Comic shows were so well received in Australia, that he  was invited to perform  at the Sydney Comedy Club. And his stellar performance resulted in an invitation to return to work there for a season. The Serial Comic World Tour also stopped in London and Bournemouth as well as Doha and Dubai and across Africa, from Namibia across to Congo and of course, South Africa.

 Catering to homesick expats ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Barry was the master of ceremonies ‘team captain’ in an ‘away game’ of comedy in London at the Royal Albert Hall in a show titled Bafunny Bafunny. This show, consisting of eight of SA’s top comedians, also toured South Africa in 2010 and 2011. Barry was also on the comedy team for the 46664 Nelson Mandela ‘It’s No Joke’ Tour in 2010. 

In 2001 he was the first ever South African comedian to perform at the world-famous London Comedy Store and ten years later, he did the same Australia’s Sydney Comedy Store. The turn of the century was an explosive catalyst for The Cousin, a comedian who has owned the past decade! From his gold disc status in 2001 for selling over 50,000 copies of his live DVD Here We Go Again, to his Serial Comic World Tour in 2011 and his twice sold out solo show in Cape Town at Grand West’s 4,000 seat venue, Barry Hilton is in high demand across the globe!

 He has performed in Paris, Amsterdam and London, Doha and Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington and a bunch of cities in between. Not to mention across Africa, including Tanzania, Zambia, Lesotho, Congo, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

 Most recently, Barry Hilton has extended his profile into the motivational speaker market and he is now taking his blend of stand up comedy, corporate entertainment and motivation to the world. Watch out, international man of mirth, on the move!

Mike King is possibly New Zealand's best known stand-up comedian with numerous live and TV credits to his name.  He is well received by a wide range of audiences and his style has been described as ‘Brilliant, Fast Paced, Savvy, Witty, Sharp and Upbeat’.

Contact Details:

Website: www.barryhilton.co.za

Facebook: Barry Hilton

Twitter: Barry_hilton

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