DIY Paint Dipped Chair & Utensils
(19 May 2016)

DIY Paint Dipped Chairs Expresso

DIY Paint Dipped Chair & Utensils

Bored of your naked, boring wooden furniture? Does the timber look not fit your style? Just paint it! Painted furniture is the new craze that combines two current trends!

Anyone who's ever wished that ombré colour blocking and upcycling would fall in love will be very excited about the start of a new trend in colour-dipped furniture. This trend has been popping up all over, and we can see why. It's springy and fun, not to mention an insanely easy Builders DIY project to spruce up almost any furniture in need of a lift

What you need:
- Wooden chair
- Wooden spoons/utensils
- Painter’s tape
- Primer
- Two contrasting paint colours
- Paintbrush
- Sandpaper

1. Grab a piece of furniture you want to pretty up. A chair might be the easiest to start with.

2. Choose your paint and go to your local hardware store to buy it – glossy paint is always best, find the best quality neon/pastel acrylic paint you can. Depending on the type of furniture spray paint might be the best and most convenient option (and more fun!)

3. Put tape where you want you’re your new colour to start (make sure you’re under coat is well and truly dry before you do this).

4. Now, go to town and enjoy! Feel free to use a sponge to spot the paint onto your piece and touch up with a brush later to avoid heavy brush strokes

TIP- Check antique or op shops for older chairs or stools that you can play around with.

Don't buy new furniture – upcycle, and customise it the way you want it. It's thrifty, creative, and easier than you might think.


Watch the DIY video here:

Mini Trend Alert: Colour Dipped Furniture & Utensils

- Want to get on board with colour dipping? It adds a pop of colour and, whether you choose subtle shades or trendy neon, its small scale won't overwhelm.

- These looks are also a happy consequence of the move towards upcycling and recycling that promotes renovating and reusing furniture (and other objects) rather than throwing them away. Kinder on the planet, much more creative and results in a much more individual look.

- We love the dipped legs trend – also known as dip-dyed legs or colored feet. It’s a little bit quirky, playful, and a fun way to give an old or boring piece of furniture a modern twist. It is a trend that doesn't take itself too seriously - I mean look, your chair is wearing booties.

- Capture the two-tone treatments we’ve been seeing in high-end furniture stores, which use the art of colour blocking to add graphic depth to any space.

- A cool trend spotted everywhere lately: half painted furniture or home accessories, giving the impression of a “dipped in paint” effect way to update a basic piece of furniture.


Painted upcycled chairs Expresso




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