Fitness with Robyn Borowsky
(08 May 2014)

Fitness with Robyn Borowsky


Staying active during pregnancy is very important for a woman. Preggy Pilates is a great way to maintain upper body strength, build pelvic floor muscles and work on correct breathing during pregnancy, labour and after the baby is born. It also is a great space to de-stress, build up energy and meet fellow preggy ladies.

Robyn constantly hears from new moms that they can't wait to get back into exercising BUT finding the time and having the energy to do it is the biggest challenge.

Her solution is to combine a workout with the baby in the Pram focusing on a full-body work out with some cardio in between.

1. Hold Pram at a 45degree angle with body- squeeze leg to the back then to side. Hold leg at back and add knee bends. Working into core and glutes. 

2. Stand sideways holding Pram and plie with a side bend to feel stretch and love handle workout

3. Leg lifts and lunges

Lift leg up to shoulder then down into a lunge behind body. 

4. Upper back stretch standing at a tabletop line holding Pram 

5. Stretch lats and shoulders holding Pram in front.  

Stretch out neck at the end to release from breastfeeding feeding and carrying baby.

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