How to Make Transport More Sustainable
(25 Jun 2015)

Sustainable transport Expresso

How to Make Transport More Sustainable


Wherever you’re headed this morning, there is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic, and with 22% more cars on the roads and an 80% higher petrol price than 5 years ago, the need to find a sustainable way of transport is in more demand than ever.  

One of the key facets of Sustainability Week is transport, and one solution to making transport more sustainable is car-pooling and bike sharing.



Bike Sharing

If you prefer to ride a bike, Bike Sharing is said to be the next evolution in public transport in South Africa.

The system basically consists of a number of specially designed bicycles parked at docking stations around the city which you can rent. The bikes can be unlocked using a card which you swipe or a mobile phone app. By swiping the card on the bike, the bike is unlocked and the clock starts ticking.

After using the bike, you can dock it at any docking station. The clock then stops ticking and the money is deducted from the electronic purse or via the app from your account.

It’s already been successful in 40 cities across 15 countries and is launching in Cape Town in August and then to other South African cities. The only downside is that the average trip is 2 – 3kms, so it’s not the best option for long distances.




With massive congestion on our road, and with road transport making up the primary source of CO₂ emissions in South Africa, it is incredibly important to find a more sustainable way of getting around.  If your place of work is too far to cycle, car-pooling is a good alternative. One of the local car-pooling solutions is “Find a Lift”, which is designed to make car-pooling easier. 


How it works

Sign up and enter your route.

The platform instantly matches you with others going your way so you can decide to make secure contact and arrange to share the journey. This in turn saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint in the process.

To keep this service free for members, they are working closely with organisations, universities and other communities nationally to help them set up their own private rideshare groups and to run these programmes successfully.


The main benefits of car-pooling

You can save R68 by sharing 100km with 1 person;

Share 3500km and you would have ‘planted’ a tree;

Save money on fuel and maintenance;

Reduce your carbon footprint;

Help cut traffic for faster journey times;

Make new friends.


How to car-pool safely

Do not exchange home addresses before you meet a potential travel partner;

Meet in a public place the first time you meet your potential travel partner;

Connect on social media like Facebook to build trust;

Show each other proof of your identity to ensure you are meeting the correct person;

Tell friends/family about your travel partner and details of your journey;

Do not travel together if you have any doubts about your potential travel partner



Avoid the road rage and get involved in car-pooling this week to help de-congest our roads. It could make your life a lot less stressful and save you money, and who knows - you might even make some new friends!


Bike sharing Expresso


Images via kitsilano and manfrottoschoolofxcellence



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