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Psyfo aka Sipho Ngwenya was born and raised in a town called Kimberly in the Northern Cape. Born in 1982, he started his schooling at Zingisa Primary, a Xhosa school in Galeshewe, Kimberly. He then moved to Cape Town with his 2 younger brothers, Rodney and Wandile, in 1989 where he completed his grade 2 to 5 learning.

Psyfo moved to Johannesburg in 1995 and attended Rivonia Primary School where he finished his primary school career. At Rivonia, Psyfo was very active participating in sporting activities such as soccer, cricket, and athletics. He also took up karate as an extra mural activity. During this time Psyfo landed his first television job on Kideo Pops, where he was a presenter and was also one of the lead singers on the show.

Psyfo quickly rose to fame as a young star and his next presenting job was Star Search, a talent show which went around the country looking for young musicians, dancers and actors. He presented the show from 1996 to 2000 when it came to an end.

Deciding on which high school to go to was not a tough choice for Psyfo, he auditioned at the National School of the Arts for acting and fine arts and was accepted for both. However, he had to choose one discipline to major in and he chose drama. Psyfo matriculated in 2001, with full colours for Drama, he then took a year off to intern at A & P Film and Video. While at A & P Film and Video he gained great insight into what happens behind-the-scenes of a television production. He was given his first big opportunity as a production manager on a show for KYKNetcalled Sandra op n drafstap’ presented by Sandra Prinsloo.

In 2003, Psyfo brought his two skills together and joined YOTV (Urban Brew Studios) as both a presenter and producer for his own television show, HYPE. With the show’s success, Producer’s of YOTV gave Psyfo the opportunity of a lifetime to present and co-produce the biggest live youth-show to hit SA to date, Wildroom.

Wildroom’s popularity afforded Psyfo the privilege to be invited to a few international junkets where he interviewed stars such as Mike Myers,Cameron Diaz, and Johnny Depp. Traveling the world and experiencing life outside of South Africa’s borders has been one Psyfo’s career highlights.

In 2004, Psyfo made the decision to pursue one of his other passions, music. Raised by an opera singer, June Kraus, it was only a matter of time before Psyfo would hit the studio and produce his own music. In high school, Psyfo was part of a rap group called The Benjamins with Sean Pages and Morale, the group later broke up. Psyfo was signed to Sting Music on a 1-year-deal and released his debut single, Don’t be scared’.

Psyfo’s self-titled debut album hit stores in 2005 and featured prominent local artists such as MXOSkwatta Kamp and Proverb. Psyfo also produced the album himself. Psyfo’s other album releases include: Story to tell (2004), Afterparty (2007) and his latest offering Music Love and Fame (2011).

In 2005, Psyfo started his own record label Sid Records. Under this label, he has produced music for Mandoza (‘Tsotsi Yase Zola’ ‘I’m Sorry’),Lebo Mathosa (‘Dance tonight’), Mxo, JamaliLulo Café (‘Keep the level low’ ft Marichan’ & ‘I wanna love you’ ft Nothende), Mzekezeke (‘Ubani uMzekezeke’), Izinyoka (‘Njengendoda’), DJ Switch (‘Pickabox’ ft 985) and DJ Franky (‘Tonight’ ft Nandi).

Psyfo’s biggest television break yet came in 2006 when he landed the role of AJAX on South Africa’s biggest soapie, Generations. This character was loved by many and took Psyfo’s acting career to new heights. After 4 years on the soapie, Psyfo decided it was time to put all his energy into his music.

Whilst currently focusing his attention on growing his record label, Psyfo landed his own radio show called Lekwafusion on Transafrica Radio. The show first went on air on Wednesday the 1st of February 2012. Radio is just another one of Psyfo’s passions that he hopes to take further. 

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