Put Foot Rally
(13 Jun 2013)

Put Foot Rally

Tuesday, 18 June 2013: Put Foot Foundation challenges all South African’s to go barefoot on this day for an hour or a few minutes, to experience what millions of young children in our country have to deal with every day.

The Put Foot Rally believes in having the time of their lives in Africa and doing good at the same time! That's why, with the help of the legendary Put Footers, they are able to give back to Africa either through direct, hands-on charity work, or by supporting worthy causes.

Founded by three aspiring young South Africans Daryn Hillhouse, Mike Sharman and Dan Nash the Put Foot Foundation's is South... or rather Southern Africa's newest "adventure-charity!'

"We want to build upon the vision started by the Bobs For Good Foundation by committing our passion, energy and shared vision of changing young lives through a single pair of brand new school shoes."

The Put Foot Foundation will act as an umbrella organisation when teaming with other charities and will assume responsibility for the administration, planning and delivery of social development projects, as well as responsibility for the accounting, collection and distribution of donations.

"Our goal is to raise funds for a minimum of 600 pairs of shoes and to provide Donors and Put Foot Rally participants with the opportunity to see and feel 'first-hand' the life-changing experience that gifting a brand new pair of school shoes to a young underprivileged child can deliver!"

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