Regular Things Astronauts Struggle To Do
(20 Aug 2015)

Astronauts Expresso

Regular Things Astronauts Struggle To Do

It may be one of the coolest jobs in the universe, but being an astronaut is not easy. Not only are they responsible for maintaining a craft that’s rocketing through space, but normal, everyday tasks become a bit of a challenge when you’re in orbit. One things for sure, we'll never take these basic everyday tasks for granted again!


Tossing and turning in your sleep isn’t so problematic when gravity is on your side, but when in orbit, astronauts have to secure themselves into sleeping bags attached to the wall, ceiling or floor so that they don't float away during their siesta.

Eating Bread

Believe it or not, but bread isn’t allowed in space! The crumbs end up going everywhere, so they've tidied up the situation by not allowing bread in space. As an alternative, astronauts eat specially packaged tortillas.

Brushing Your Teeth

On earth, we're taught to spit your toothpaste out once you've brushed your teeth, but in space you have to swallow it! Rinsing your toothbrush also becomes a bit of a challenge, which sees astronauts sucking a bit of water into their mouths and then spit it back onto the toothbrush. Talk about a process!

Cutting Your Hair

When you cut your hair, you end up with tiny pieces of hair all over the place. Imagine where your hair would disappear to when floating through space! To combat this, astronauts use a hair shaver attached to a vacuum that sucks up all the hair trimmings.


We all know that sometimes you can't control the water-works, but in space there is no way of hiding it. When astronauts cry, tears ball up around their eyes until they wipe them away.

Using the Toilet

Before embarking off to space, astronauts have to complete a toilet training program. When nature calls, astronauts use a specially designed toilet seat (for solid waste), and a liquid waste vacuum tube with different sized funnels for men and women.

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