Skeletons in the Closet
(19 Nov 2013)


Former Isidingo actress Kim Engelbrecht is currently featuring on SABC2’s new Afrikaans drama series “Geraamtes In Die Kas”. Geraamtes in die Kas (Skeletons in the Closet) is a South African, Afrikaans-language psychological drama television series and set in the world of four psychiatrists and psychologists as they balance their chaotic lives with patients, families and careers, while maintaining their own sanity.

This Afrikaans drama series is set in the world of four psychiatrists and psychologists as they balance their chaotic lives: patients, families, careers while maintaining their own sanity.
The series invites you into the minds of a no-nonsense criminal psychologist, Susan Brink (played by Anel Alexandra); hippy music therapist Rudy Abrahams (Wayne van Rooyen); ego-stroking sex therapist Palesa Ramaphosa (Vuyelwa Booi); and internationally-acclaimed psychiatrist Adriaan Vermaak Jnr (Gys de Villiers), who finds himself in a mid-life crisis when he can't stop arguing with his dead father.
Geraamtes in die Kas illustrates our profound unity as humans, segmented only by different mental problems, riddled with ironic smiles and tears of recognition that will unite everyone who has ever had a breakdown, breakout and breakthrough.
The series was shot over a period of 12 weeks and features scenes taken at a beautiful Houghton-styled mansion turned into a private practice for the residents, psychiatrists and psychologists making money off mental health problems.
Episode 1 takes a look at life at "Vermaak en Vennote" Mental Health Clinic - chaotic as lead psychiatrist Adriaan has made the decision to leave the practice, but a life-altering discovery sparks a personal melt down leading him down a dark path.
Meanwhile he has tasked Palesa with interviewing new psychologist and music therapist, Rudy, who doesn't seem like a fit for the practice.
Susan needs to prove the mental capacity of a suspected child abductor.
Geraamtes in die Kas was created by Luke Rous and Joshua Rous and produced by Rous House Productions, with Joshua Rous as head writer. The title track and music was by Joel Assaizky.

Aesha Abrahams (Kim Engelbrecht)

Aesha is Rudy's wife and when we meet her she's out-of-control-pregnant-hormones in human form. Even carrying twins, Rudy knows just how to handle her and the two have a loving if not complicated relationship.
She is a high school biology teacher, and as much as she hates to admit it, Aesha's rational mind cannot cope without her husband's sensitivity and reassurance.
And if she had any doubts about their difficult pairing, Rudy has faith enough for both of them - but how long will that faith last?
Although being shunned by her family for marrying Rudy was very painful, it has only strengthened her relationship with Rudy. However, a major turning point in their relationship is going to be when Rudy is faced with the horrible decision of having to choose whether she or the twins will live.
The loss of the twins causes an ever growing rift between herself and her husband. Her family arrives as the saviours, but instead of leaving Rudy and reuniting with her family she breaks under the pressure and the pain of her loss.

Watch Geraamtes in Die Kas on SABC 2 Tuesdays 19h30

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