The Parlotones
(11 Jan 2013)

the parlotones

The Parlotones

The Parlotones will be relocating to the United States to satisfy an ever increasing demand for the band that has resulted in 5 trips to the States in the past 12 months.

The Parlotones will be settling in Los Angeles. Billed as the "Creative Capital of the World" due to one in every six of its residents working in a creative industry, the home base of Hollywood is more contusive for global touring and reach. The state is hours from Asia and Europe and will enable them better access to the world’s biggest music market.

The Parlotones have not only reached the glass ceiling within the South African music industry they moved it! Over the years the band has risen from virtual unknowns performing at small intimate night clubs to winning the hearts of South Africans everywhere, filling the Coca Cola Dome and breaking attendance records all over the country. The Parlotones have released 7 albums to date. Sales for the albums achieved two double platinum, two platinum and three gold respectively, outselling their international counterparts.  This is an unprecedented achievement that has won the band the title of “Biggest selling rock band of the decade” in South Africa. Performing at the FIFA 2010 world Cup opening concert, the 2012 Olympics and touring with Snow Patrol in Europe the band relished the honour of Chris Martin from Coldplay personally requesting for The Parlotones to perform with them at Soccer City and Cape Town stadium. These accomplishments amongst many others have reaffirmed the bands legendary status in South Africa.

 But there is still much work to do! Over the past few years the bands management have been working feverishly at launching the band overseas. Following dozens of tours abroad and performing at major festivals the band was initially introduced to the America public via a series of syncs on some of America’s major television shows namely One Tree Hill, Jersey Shore, Ghost Whisperer, Pretty little liars, 90210 and Friends With Benefits amongst numerous others. The subsequent international broadcast of the bands 3D rock opera Dragonflies & Astronauts which was a rock opera written around the greatest hits, broadcast in 3D and 2D to Cinema’s, Direct TV in the USA and Facebook led to further touring of the USA and sold out shows in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago fuelling the demand and earning the band a place on 3D history. Notable achievements to date are “Stardust Galaxies” debuting on 3 Billboard charts, their latest single “Honey” reaching No31 on the AAA charts and “Live Design” their live concert recording at the Dome in 2009 being scheduled on American TV in January next year.

 The move will put the band in a better position and be accessible to the many press conferences and interviews that are demanded of a band in the United States and allow them to tour relentlessly as they endeavour to cover as much ground as possible. Making South Africa proud as they fly our flag high with every milestone they are destined to achieve! South African fans won’t miss out on fun either!  The Parlotones will be taking their fans with them. Negotiations for their own TV show focusing on their new adventure are currently under way. Make sure to catch their farewell tour this summer at a venue near you.


The Parlotones and their Production Company (Mushroom Productions) are planning a major farewell shoot for their fans in a parade format the night before the farewell concert at Ellis Park Arena. The band will start the Parade at Mary Fitzgerald Square on 11 January at 23h00 (gathering point) and end at Ellis Park on 12 January at 00h30. We will be shooting a video and broadcasting the Parade live to the worlds media. The concept of the video is the brain child of Eban Olivier a long time collaborator with the band and promises to be a spectacle in itself.  The video shoot for the brand new single shake it up will be the start of what is the bands lost weekend in South Africa for a wile and will be released by the time the band land in Los Angeles. The concept will see the band performing on the back of a huge truck with convoys of fans in toe. The procession will kick off at May Fitzgerald Square and end with an exclusive per romance of some brand new songs at Ellis Park Arena where the official freewill concert will be held on the 12th of January.  We call on all friends and fans of the band to dress up, get your car, bike or skate board and come and join us to shoot and be part of the shoot as we make our way through the streets of Johannesburg with our 20+ cameramen along the route as well as in helicopters, shoot this amazing and fitting farewell to South Africa's legends The Parlotones. 

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Facebook: The Parlotones

Twitter: @parlotones

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