Top 10 Largest Vegetables
(12 Jun 2012)

Top 10 Largest Vegetables

top 10 largest vegetables

10. Giant Carrot - John Evans, a mechanical designer from, Alaska, USA holds seven world records for giant vegetables. In 1998, this 18.985 pound (8.61 kg) carrot is the heaviest ever, earning him a Guinness World Record.

9. Giant Pumpkin - Imagine having this giant in your pumpking patch. Grown in Rhode Island, USA, the world’s biggest pumpkin was shown at the Topsfield Fair of Massachusetts in 2007, weighing 768kgs. You could get a really big Halloween jack-o-lantern out of that.

8. Cabbage - The world's biggest cabbage also belonged to American John Evans who grew a mammoth 35kg green cabbage in 1998.

7. Biggest marrow - The world’s biggest marrow could hardly be called a “baby” by any means. The 65kg veggie needed two men to carry it to a stand at the competition where it won a Guinness World Record.   

6. There must be something in the water at John Evans’ garden! He’s back at number 6 with his world record beetroot at weighing at a whopping 23 kgs. Hope his kids like beetroot salad.

5. Sweet Potato - We hope Lebanese farmer Khalil Semhat liked sweet potatoes. He grew one weighing 11.3 setting a record for the world's largest potato. Afterwards he could be heard asking all his friends, “Would you like fries with that?” 

4. Broccoli - John Evans returns for the final time in today’s tope ten to bring you his world record-earning broccoli, which weighed almost 16kgs in 1993.

3. Jackfruit - We’re not sure if you’ve ever tasted a jackfruit in SA before as they are native to South East Asia. Funny then that the world’s biggest jackfruit was grown in Hawaii, weighing 34.6 kg.

2. Watermelon - Weighting 122 kgs, the world’s biggest watermelon was grown by Lloyd Bright whose family had previous world record watermelons in 1979 with a 91kg melon and again in 1985 with one that weighed 118 kgs.

1.Onion - The last item on our list is the 7.7 kg onion grown by Peter Glazebrook of the UK, who earned this world record in September 2011. Glazebrook has broken ten world records in his 30 years of growing his own veggies and looked delighted with his prize. Look how he’s holding it. He seems to love that onion almost as much as we love Bob!


top 10 largest vegetables

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