Tracey Daniels
(05 Aug 2013)

Tracey Daniels

 I am a young female solo artist born and raised in Cape Town, Lotus River.

This is an area in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

I was born in the 80's, 1983 to be exact and raised by my mom with the aid of her parents. I absolutely love the music of that era.

My passion and love for music started from an early age, because I grew up being exposed to all genres of music. From gospel, jazz, soul, funk and pop.

My mom and grandparents loved to listen to music, and I would learn the lyrics and later sing along.

It was at the age of 8 that I realized I loved singing. I would sing out loud in my grandparents’ back yard with my cousins. It was hilarious.

It was only later on in my early 20's that I had auditioned for my very first band, they were called Top Level and we would perform at clubs in Cape Town. Our main genres were jazz/acid jazz and pop.

Recent bands which I have worked with are Icon band and Qdrive

I have performed along side many talented musicians, and have grown so much since then. It is from performing with these musicians that I have learned so much and continue to learn and grow everyday as an artist.

I performed at clubs such as The Generations Cafe a.k.a (The Gspot) a very well know jazz club in Cape Town, and Swingers 021 Lounge, Montreal on Loop and  The Jazz Castle when it was still in existence and many private events as well.

The desire to record was always there, but financially I was not able to do so, until April 2012.

I sacrificed and worked hard to put some money together to achieve my goal and to make my dream a reality, because this time the desire to be heard was stronger, and I had so many ideas for songs I just couldn't hold back any longer. So I heard about a Producer who was assisting up coming artists with recording their music. I made an appointment to see him, and a few weeks later I was in his studio recording my very first original song, the single called "In my zone tonight”, which I am very proud of, and I am received many positive comments about the track.

I've met many producers before, but no one who was as down to earth and who seemed as genuine as he was. The man behind my brilliant singles is none other than Mr. Thembalihle Awakhiwe Mbuyazwe from Lasoul Productions.

He is easy to work with and strives for nothing but the best. That is why I went back to him at the end of May 2012 to record my second single called "If I told you"

This is my Proudly SA track. It’s a fusion of kwaito/house.

My 3rd single was recorded on the 18th of August 2012, again with Mr Mbuyazwe of Lasoul Productions.  This track is a mellow R&B / Soul track and is called “You shouldn’t have to say” this track is now available on soundcloud as well.

In November 2012, I decided to record another single called “Under your spell” this is an afro house song. I now have 4 tracks recorded and produced by Lasoul Productions and written by myself.

I was privileged to work with a very talented pianist / vocalist / producer Mr. Elton Lodewyk aka (Elly Jay) from Stellenbosch who approached me after hearing my first songs and wanted to work with me. He had written the piano instrumental of the track and asked me if I’d be interested in adding my flavor to it. I loved the song so much, worked really hard on it, and in November 2012, I was in the studio recording the love song “Rather be” I am really blessed to now have 5 original tracks recorded.

2012 was a great year with regards to recording and live performances; I was really blessed to perform alongside some of Cape Town’s most amazing musicians.

I performed at mostly private events with the Ricardo Demingo’s band called Qdrive, and I had my very first solo show out at Montreal on Loop in September 2012 with well-known musicians who take part in theatre productions with well-known established artists.

Ever since these links were placed on the site, I have received so many good responses and comments, and the support and love I am getting from people is incredible and so amazing. The amount of plays the songs have received in only a short period of time has been astounding. According to the stats it has already been played in more than 13 countries around the world.

My main aim right now is to work hard to promote myself as an artist and to get my music heard, both locally and internationally hopefully in the near future. I am a big dreamer, and would love to collaborate with DJ Kent or Liquid Deep. Those are the happening people and music at the moment.

I am available to perform at charity events / clubs / corporate events and schools to encourage young children to follow their dreams and passions and to never lose hope.

This year (2013) I am currently writing my 6th track which will be recorded with Dale Johnson of Dirty Funk band. I am quite excited to be working with such a talented young producer / DJ and I have full faith that this will be the track to hit commercial radio stations.

Getting my music heard on commercial radio stations is one of my biggest aims this year, it’s tough but I am not giving up, as I have worked way too hard to allow rejection to stand in the way of my dream.

Hopefully a record deal is also insight, when I get heard by the right people.

I want to complete my album, and perform at as many places as I possibly can. My time is now and I want to share my music with the nation.

My other big dream is to study Jazz Vocals at UCT, to improve myself as an artist and to improve my vocal skills, and also to learn to play the piano which is my favourite instrument, because I believe that as an artist one has to constantly work at improving yourself and your vocal technique. This is however a tough decision as I am the sole bread winner and cannot just leave my permanent day job to study music full time. I am however not giving up, because I believe nothing is impossible and that this can become a reality, should my music career really take off.

My influences locally come from artists such as the late Lebo M, the late TK, Freshly Ground, Tamara Dey, Bongo Maffin, Loyiso Bala, Verd Eaton, DJ Kent, DJ Cleo, Denim, Malaika and Lira.

Jazz/Acid Jazz has always been my first love and I appreciate music by artists such as Incognito, Brand new heavies, George Benson, Lee Ritenour, Earth Wind and Fire.

Other international influences are: Alicia Keyes, Dionne Warwick, Angie Stone, Gloria Estefan, Chaka Khan and Ne-Yo.

I live for live stage performance. To me being able to interact with the audience and to see people enjoy my performance is the most amazing feeling ever.

I have had many set backs and disappointments where my music is concerned in the past, but I didn't allow it to get me down. This time there's no turning back, I'm going to work extra hard to make a name for myself and to continue making music, and improving on what I have.

I firmly believe in the saying that: “God helps those who help themselves”, because if I wasn’t the hardworking, determined person that I am, with wonderful family and friends who support me, I probably wouldn’t have come so far.

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