USN Fitness - Muscle Growth and Supplementation
(21 Mar 2011)

Warren Germishuizen on Expresso

Muscle Growth and Supplementation

Today's Show (21 March 2011):

The mis-conceptions surroudning supplemenation and muscle growth are numerous to say the very least. As a result, we have brought in Warren Germishuizen to shed some light on supplementation and muscle growth, focussing specifically on creatine. Warren brings a scientific voice to answer commonly asked questions such as:

  • Does creatine grow muscle tissue?
  • What is the function of creatine in your body?
  • Doe creatine usage result in water retention in the body?
  • What determines muscle tissue growth?

About Warren:

Warren Germishuizen is a highly successful personal fitness instructor based in Sandton Johannesburg.

Warren holds a Personal Training Qualification from the ETA and he specializes in: 

  • Bodybuilding
  • Life Coaching
  • Competitive Athletes
  • Functional Training

If you have any questions about Warren, supplementation or muscle tissue growth feel free to email for a response within 24 hours.

For more articles on training and nutrition click here:

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