Youth Day: Dj Loyd & Danilo Acquisto
(16 Jun 2014)

We’re celebrating Youth Day with 2 celebrity guests who made the most of their youth and are shining examples of success through hard work and tenacity - Radio & Television personalities - DJ Loyd and Danilo Acquisto.



Besides being a Host of two shows The Freakin weekend and The Hangout  on GoodHopeFM ( Sat and Sun 3-6pm).
Loyiso Mdebuka has been going around high schools in Cape Town motivating
learners to live out their dreams – a concept he came up with – with the
aim of inspiring learners to one day live their dreams by selecting a
career path close to their hearts. Preaching that; in order for dreams to
come true, the dreamer needs to be knowledgeable and knowledge comes
through education. learners mentors that will guide them in their career fields of their choice.

This young man decided to make his dreams come true and not be a
one-hit-wonder but to flourish with the opportunities available to the
South African youth. Young people from Khayelitsha and the rest of the country, where he hails from do
need such role models. But Mdebuka seeks to reach out to every young
person in the country to share his story of perseverance. It is through
that, that he enjoys the fruits of his harvest.

Mdebuka, also known as DJ Loyd, like any other radio/tv personality – he
has a story to tell about where he started.  He was introduced to us
through the kids show with over 2,5 million viewers daily all over the country,
Hectic Nine-9, which airs on SABC 2 – where he spent 3 years presenting the TV show.

Live Out Your Dreams Tour (LOYD Tour) – Helping equip the youth of South Africa with a winning mindset.



Danilo Acquisto

Television  presenter  &  producer,  voice-­‐over  artist,  MC,  entrepreneur,  radio  personality  and  UCT   graduate.  These  are  a  few  words  that  can  be  used  to  describe  23  year  old  Danilo  Acquisto.        Danilo  grew  up  in  Johannesburg  and  attended  St  Stithians’  College,  where  he  matriculated  with  5   distinctions,  attained  Honours  for  academics  and  dramatic  arts,  and  led  his  peers  as  a  prefect.  On   completing  high  school,  he  was  hungry  for  change  and  set  out  to  challenge  himself.  This  led  him  to   Cape  Town  in  2010  where  he  pursued  a  BA  Law  degree  at  UCT.  He  completed  his  studies  in  2012   graduating  with  a  BA  degree  in  Law  and  Sociology  under  his  belt.  

   Ever  the  entrepreneur,  Danilo  started  a  company  in  2012  called  “6B  Media”  which  ran  an  online   Magazine,  6B  Magazine.  The  magazine  was  created  to  provide  a  platform  for  young  people  to  gain   information  on  how  to  break  into  the  media  industry  and  improve  on  their  brands.

 At  the  start  of   2014  he  sold  his  shares  in  6B  Media.  His  entrepreneurial  nature  is  firmly  still  with  him  as  he  now   manages  a  Cape  Town-­‐based    pop  vocalist,  Warrick  Ryan.  In  addition  to  this,  he  places  focus  on  his   radio  and  television  roles  –  both  of  which  are  passions  which  were  sparked  during  his  early  days  of   moving  to  Cape  Town.  

While  studying  at  UCT,  he  hosted  the  afternoon  drive  show  on  UCT  Radio.  In  September  2010  he   entered  a  presenter  search  for  a  television  show  on  SABC2,  Hectic  Nine-­‐9.

 He  went  on  to  win  the   coveted  role  of  lead  presenter  for  the  live  television  show.  Fast  forward  four  years  (to  2014)  and   Danilo  is  still  a  presenter  on  Hectic  Nine-­‐9  where  he  presents  to  an  audience  of  over  3  million   viewers  daily.  In  addition  to  this,  he  produces  for  the  show  on  a  regular  basis.

Television  is  not  the  only  platform  you  will  find  Danilo.  He  also  currently  hosts  his  own  radio  show,   Sunday  Lunch  with  Danilo,  on  Good  Hope  Fm  every  Sunday  afternoon  between  12  and  3pm.  The   show  focuses  on  music,  promoting  young  talent,  movies,  comedy,  and  social  media  content.

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