The immense creativity, colour and beauty of the Expresso Studios is dependent on our high quality suppliers. Here within are the details of our furniture, decor, artwork, garden, painting and sculpture suppliers. 

» Caroline Fine Flowers (23 Jun)

Find out more about Caroline Fine Flowers seen on Expresso

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Caroline Fine Flowers
» Mural Wall Art (26 May)

Find out more about the Mural Wall Art seen on Expresso.

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Mural Wall Art
» Interior fittings and furniture (20 Mar)

Find out more about the fittings and furniture as seen on Expresso

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Interior fittings and furniture
» Urbanwise (01 Oct)

Special thanks to Urbanwise.

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» Culinary Equipment Company (31 Jul)

Culinary Equipment Company is your source for the best in gastronomic tools,from world-class brands to innovative technology in the world’s leading kitchens.

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Culinary Equipment Company
» Stable (10 Dec)

Learn more about the collection of innovative South African designs.

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» Etienne Hanekom (15 Apr)

Interior and product designer Etienne Hanekom supplied elements of our new studio design.

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Etienne Hanekom
» Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs (06 Feb)

Gonsenhausers fine rugs, established in 1938 specialize in quality oriental rugs and carpets from all of the major weaving centres of the world.

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Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs
» Art Lab (30 Jan)

The ArtLab is a very, very SPECIAL large format digital printing facility.

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Art Lab
» Urban Harvest (25 Sep)

Growing and Maintaining Food Gardens in Homes, Businesses and Communities AND Supporting DIY food gardeners with Courses & Products

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Urban Harvest

Other inserts / articles for Suppliers:

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