Book Club

Book Chat - Ben Williams

Ben Williams is the editor of BOOK Southern Africa, a news source and social network for South African books and publishing.

» Lessons from the boot of his car (05 Nov)

Lessons from the Boot of a Car is a witty and honest account of how Reg Lascaris, one of South Africa’s most celebrated marketers, got to where he is today.

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Lessons from the boot of his car
» Secret Cargo touchdown! (27 Sep)

The secret cargo has arrived. Are you James Bonds biggest fan? We announce the winner live and chat about the new William Boyd 007 title, Solo.

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Secret Cargo touchdown!
» The Great Trek Uncut (24 Sep)

Interview with the author of The Great Trek Uncut: A different take on the Great Trek

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The Great Trek Uncut
» The Shining Girls Charity Art Show (06 Sep)

We interview author Lauren Beukes about her charity art show loosely inspired by The Shining Girls

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The Shining Girls Charity Art Show
» Making Champions (02 Sep)

Making Champions, is an inspiring book about some of South Africa’s greatest sporting heroes and how they got to where they are today

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Making Champions
» Modern Day travels with Charley Boorman (20 Aug)

We meet Charley Boorman a modern-day adventurer, travel writer and entertainer

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Modern Day travels with Charley Boorman
» Born to Win - Louis Brittz (13 Jun)

Christian singer & songwriter Louis Brittz speaks to us about his heartfelt story and novel called 'Born to Win'

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Born to Win - Louis Brittz
» 21 Yaks and a Speedo (03 Jun)

We speak to maritime lawyer, a pioneer swimme about his book that makes you want to stand a little taller

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21 Yaks and a Speedo
» The Verwoerd who Toyi-Toyied (27 May)

About the book The Verwoerd who Toyi-Toyied by Melanie Verwoerd

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The Verwoerd who Toyi-Toyied
» Book Chat - He Is Just Not That Into You (11 Aug)

Greg Behrendt, author of 'He’s just not that into you', is currently in South Africa and we chat to him about his book

[Click for details]

Book Chat - He Is Just Not That Into You

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