» Pearled Wheat Salad with Kassler, Beans & Fruit (30 Jan)

A light meal with beans and smoked pork is delicious in summer, especially when the sweet seasonal fruit and fresh herbs can become part of the meal.

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Pearled Wheat Salad with Kassler, Beans & Fruit
» Chocolate Almond Smoothie (30 Jan)

Simply add a few ingredients into a blender, sit back and enjoy! Don't forget that ½ cup of Clover Krush 6 Fruits and Fibre!

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Chocolate Almond Smoothie
» Lamb Neck Potjie (29 Jan)

Who doesn't love a lamb potjie from time to time? Perfect for any occasion, especially when served with braai potbrood.

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Lamb Neck Potjie
» Duck lOrange (28 Jan)

Serve the duck breasts with the sauce, fondant potatoes and micro herbs to garnish and you are sure to impress.

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Duck lOrange
» Salted Caramel Cake (28 Jan)

This delicious recipe by Katelyn Williams is simple with amazing results. To make a 25cm cake with 4 layers, simply double this fantastic recipe.

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Salted Caramel Cake
» Pan seared hake, apple beurre blanc and crispy potatoes (27 Jan)

Our Expresso chef Zola can do no wrong! Try this delicious recipe of hers and deep fry in hot oil until golden and crispy! You won't regret it!

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Pan seared hake, apple beurre blanc and crispy potatoes
» Roasted Carrots with Orange Juice (27 Jan)

Mouthwatering roastd carrots and orange juice recipe by Gabriella Esposito.

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Roasted Carrots with Orange Juice
» SASSI Green Listed Hake and Rosemary Pie (27 Jan)

Top the fish filling with the mashed potato and create indents with a spoon which will become nice and crispy in the oven for great results!

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SASSI Green Listed Hake and Rosemary Pie
» Jelly Bejeweled Fruit Salad (26 Jan)

Healthy, fresh and delicious! Try this very easy but satisfying salad recipe.

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Jelly Bejeweled Fruit Salad
» Inside-out Chocolate Cake (26 Jan)

This moist chocolate ring cake has the frosting on the inside. Follow this simple recipe and enjoy this mouthwatering dessert.

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Inside-out Chocolate Cake

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