Tips from the Chef

» 10 Interesting uses for cucumbers (10 Jan)

Learn about wacky ways to use cucumbers

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10 Interesting uses for cucumbers
» Cookbooks on Nelson Mandela food stories (10 Dec)

Find out more about cookbooks that tell of stories of food in Mandela's life.

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Cookbooks on Nelson Mandela food stories
» How to roast meat perfectly (04 Dec)

How to work out the cooking times for various roasts

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How to roast meat perfectly
» Rescuing common meal disasters (17 Jul)

Five tips to help you rescue common meal disasters

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 Rescuing common meal disasters
» Sushi 101 (05 Apr)

Sushi is more fashionable than ever and is a healthy meal, starter or snack.

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Sushi 101
» Carving The Perfect Chicken (10 Dec)

Expresso brings you a demonstation in carving the perfect chicken.

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Carving The Perfect Chicken
» PnP Foundation - Goedgedacht (26 Jul)

Goedgedacht manufactures 100% natural fruit vinegar dressings of the highest quality.

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PnP Foundation - Goedgedacht
» Cadbury Chocolate – Fairtrade Certification (09 Jun)

Voted South Africa’s best-loved chocolate brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk brings a glass and a half full of joy to consumers around the country.

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Cadbury Chocolate – Fairtrade Certification
» Cook with Frank & Michael at PnP Good Food Studio (07 Jun)

If you enjoy our Expresso’s fabulous cooking with Franck and Michael, and the presenters, you can now experience it first hand – at the PnP Good Food Studio

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Cook with Frank & Michael at PnP Good Food Studio
» Chef - Ruben Riffel (16 Dec)

Master Chef Ruben Riffel will be in studio talking about a fabulous new product from Robertsons and wipping up two delicious dishes.

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Chef - Ruben Riffel

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