Health Tips

» Health: Epilepsy (28 Jul)

Multi-Media Health Specialist, Dr. Darren Green joined us to chat about epilepsy and how to treat it.

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Health: Epilepsy
» A Life After Drug Addiction (26 Jun)

The inspiring story of Derek Merifield - a recovered drug and alcohol addict.

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A Life After Drug Addiction
» Keeping Healthy While On Holiday (23 Jun)

As everyone knows, there’s nothing worse than getting sick on holiday. Dr. Darren Green dishes out some tips and tricks on keeping healthy while travelling.

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Keeping Healthy While On Holiday
» Ramen Baths in Japan (17 Jun)

Heard about bathing in milk and honey, and even red wine? Well Japan is taking it one step further and is now bathing in Ramen noodles!

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Ramen Baths in Japan
» World Blood Donor Day (12 Jun)

South Africa celebrates Blood Donor Month during June and aims at encouraging more people across the world to donate blood.

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World Blood Donor Day
» How Clean is Your Beard? (12 May)

If you’re a bearded man you may have recently heard the horrifying news that there is fecal bacteria in some men’s beards. Dr Darren Green clarifies the issues.

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How Clean is Your Beard?
» Magazine Printed with Ink and Blood from HIV Positive People (07 May)

A magazine in Austria has sparked conversation across the world by using blood from HIV positive people to print its latest issue.

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Magazine Printed with Ink and Blood from HIV Positive People
» Expresso sit up straight to take notice of back pain (29 Apr)

If you suffer from back pain or some other form of musculoskeletal pain, you are not alone. We got advice from physiotherapist Carla Janson.

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Expresso sit up straight to take notice of back pain
» Expresso chats bladder infections (31 Mar)

While less common in men, more than half of all women get at least one bladder infection during their lives. Dr Darren Green dropped by our studio with advice.

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Expresso chats bladder infections
» Breast Cancer Awareness (15 Oct)

South Africa's First Lady, Madam Tobeka Zuma joins us in studio to chat about the signs & symptoms of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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