Health Tips

» 200th Heart Transplant Performed by Cape Hospital (18 Sep)

This past Sunday the heart transplant team at Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town completed its 200th heart transplant.

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200th Heart Transplant Performed by Cape Hospital
» Migraine cure (09 Jul)

Dr. Elliot Shevel has successfully treated three patients suffering from one of the rarest and most debilitating forms of the affliction

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Migraine cure
» The Banting Diet (03 Jun)

The Banting Diet involves the proportional intake of proteins and fats and low amount of carbohydrates.

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The Banting Diet
» Unlock the power of an illuminated smile with Aquafresh (28 Feb)

We set out with Aquafresh White HD, to discover the difference a smile can make in a series of social experiments.

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Unlock the power of an illuminated smile with Aquafresh
» Divorce Care for Kids (29 Jul)

We speak to DC4K who provide children with a safe and neutral place to recognize and learn to share their feelings

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Divorce Care for Kids
» Home treatments for illness (22 Jul)

Andrea Du Plessis explains why vitamins are important when your body is out of sync

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Home treatments for illness
» Importance of Calcium (04 Jul)

We look at calcium and its importance to the body

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Importance of Calcium
» Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (02 Jul)

We speak to our health expert Andrea du Plessis about ADHD and how best to overcome the symptoms

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
» Self Defence with Krav Maga (10 Jun)

Etienne Ferreira teaches us about the field of combat and antiterrorism

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Self Defence with Krav Maga
» Diet in a Box (05 Jun)

What's inside Low Carbs SA's 'Diet in a Box'...

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Diet in a Box

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