Cape Town Marimba Festival
This coming Friday – you can get a taste of some of the be ...
Cape Town Marimba Festival (23 Apr)
This coming Friday – you can get a taste of some of the best Marimba sounds at the Cape Town Marim...
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Our new Hisense screen (22 Apr)
One of our new toys in studio: an 85inch Hisense 4k TV...
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Jenna Lowe Trust (18 Apr)
Last year singer Kristi Lowe produced a song with legendary South African band, Goodluck, to raise a...
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Konfetti (18 Apr)
The proudly South African romantic comedy movie, Konfetti, released at cinema’s nationwide yesterd...
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J9 Telethon (17 Apr)
Join rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen and the J9 Foundation. Take part in this live telethon in...
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CT City Ballet’s 80th anniversary Swan Lake production (15 Apr)
In its 80 years of existence, Cape Town City Ballet has performed Swan Lake no less than 18 times...
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Recent highlights

» Fettuccine with courgette ribbons (23 Apr)

Learn to make this healthy pasta dish

[Click for more info]

Fettuccine with courgette ribbons
» Orange Crème Brûlée (23 Apr)

Learn to bake Orange Crème Brûlée

[Click for more info]

Orange Crème Brûlée
» Deep Fried Battered fish with mango salad and aubergine chutney (23 Apr)

Learn to make this traditional hearty Seychelles dish

[Click for full recipe]

Deep Fried Battered fish with mango salad and aubergine chutney
» Seychelles fish and veg stew (23 Apr)

Learn to make a Seychelles fish and veg stew

[Click for full recipe]

Seychelles fish and veg stew
» Spiced Baked creole fish (23 Apr)

Learn to make Spiced Baked creole fish

[Click for more info]

Spiced Baked creole fish
» Eggs 3 ways (22 Apr)

Learn to make all different types of eggs

[Click for full recipe]

Eggs 3 ways


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