» DIY tools cabinet with Andrew Donkin (04 Dec)

The Tool Cabinet is ideal to neatly display your tools for easy access and at the same time lock them away and keep them protected when not in use.

[Click for more info]

DIY tools cabinet with Andrew Donkin
» Ideas Crafts - Waterslide Tile transfers techniques (10 Jul)

Waterslide tile designs using a transfer technique. This method is affordable and easy to do, and will give a room a fresh new look.

[Click for step-by-step]

Ideas Crafts - Waterslide Tile transfers techniques
» Ideas Crafts - Decorating Shoes (04 Jul)

Take an old pair of shoes and make them super snazzy with some easy DIY crafty ideas.

[Click for step-by-step]

Ideas Crafts - Decorating Shoes
» Ideas Confetti Treats (20 Jun)

Ideas Magazine teaches us how to make these confetti treats

[Click for step-by-step]

Ideas Confetti Treats
» Father's Day Tie Shaped Tags (14 Jun)

Learn how to make these tie shape tages by grabbing the image - sizing - and printing

[Click for image]

Father's Day Tie Shaped Tags
» Piñata Cake (05 Jun)

A Piñata cake is a great alternative to a real cake and a fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding day!

[Click for more]

Piñata Cake
» Learn how to decoupage a lamp shade (22 May)

We learn how to decoupage a beautiful lamp shade from Ciskia Hanekom

[Click for more]

Learn how to decoupage a lamp shade
» DIY Cupboard (20 May)

Looking for a change of scenery – armed with a tin of paint – you can add some excitement to your everday tasks.

[click here for more ]

DIY Cupboard
» Vintage Inspired Party Invitations (15 May)

Make these vintage party invitations, inspired by the Great Gatsby.

[click here for more]

Vintage Inspired Party Invitations
» DIY Coffee Table (08 May)

Make your very own coffee table!

[click here for more]

DIY Coffee Table

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