» Fiction, Lies and Filth Menswear (06 Oct)

Men’s Fashion in South Africa is on the up and up, and at the forefront of this design frontier are independent menswear brand Fiction Lies and Filth.

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Fiction, Lies and Filth Menswear
» Styling Your Curves (09 Sep)

Isabel de Villiers joined us in studio this to talk fashion, trends and why she is the ultimate curvy-girl enthusiast.

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Styling Your Curves
» Spring Fashion Trends 2015 (03 Sep)

Fashion Director Alexis Chaffe Mey takes us through the key looks and new trends we need to know.

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Spring Fashion Trends 2015
» Tyger Valley Bridal Experience (26 Aug)

The Tyger Valley Bridal Experience is your one stop source of inspiration, wedding solutions, and so much more.

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Tyger Valley Bridal Experience
» Skip Fashion Exchange (12 Aug)

Skip is proud to introduce the Skip Fashion Exchange - Three designers, three cities, three ranges.

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Skip Fashion Exchange
» How To Wear Colour In Winter (15 Jul)

Fashion and Beauty Director Alexis Chaffe Mey shows us how to incorporate colour into your winter wardrobe.

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How To Wear Colour In Winter
» Wear It Like The Boys (08 Jul)

Fashion director, Alexis Chaffe Mey shares styling tips on dressing with a more masculine edge this winter.

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Wear It Like The Boys
» SAMW SS 2015 Highlights (06 Jul)

Expresso snapped away at the best that SA menswear has to offer.

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SAMW SS 2015 Highlights
» How To Wear Camel (01 Jul)

Expresso Fashion Director Alexis Chaffe Mey shows us how to wear winter's most versatile colour - Camel.

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How To Wear Camel
» How to Wear Ponchos (10 Jun)

Our fashion director, Alexis Chaffe Mey shows us how to wear panchos the right way this winter.

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How to Wear Ponchos

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