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» In The Bag Decor Trend (02 Oct)

Carin Smith, Fashion and Decor Editor for Ideas Magazine, joined us in studio to share one of October's big feature trends called In The Bag.

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In The Bag Decor Trend
» DIY Utensil Holder (01 Oct)

Today's DIY project brought to you by Builders is a simple and versatile Utensil Holder.

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DIY Utensil Holder
» Decor: Scandinavian Design (10 Sep)

Scandinavian design is the hot trend on everyone’s lips, so we are looking at how this decor trend has inspired South African design.

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Decor: Scandinavian Design
» Conquering Clutter In Your Home (21 Aug)

DIY expert and décor stylist Misi Overturf dishes out a few tips on how to combat the clutter.

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Conquering Clutter In Your Home
» Japan's Robot Hotel (16 Jul)

Japan has revealed it's latest, and strangest hotel yet - a hotel employed by robots!

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Japan's Robot Hotel
» DIY Builders – Firewood stand (10 Jul)

Builders DIY expert Andrew Donkin shows us how to make a firewood stand to keep those winter chills at bay.

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DIY Builders – Firewood stand
» Mandela Day: Driving Spirit (09 Jul)

This Mandela Day, Expresso is teaming up with Builders Warehouse and Driving Spirit from Phillipi for our 67 Minutes for Mandela.

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Mandela Day: Driving Spirit
» The Blom Boys (09 Jul)

Meet the Gentleman’s Flower Arranging Club.

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The Blom Boys
» DIY Breakfast Tray (03 Jul)

If you're looking for a project to tackle this winter, how about a DIY serving tray.

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DIY Breakfast Tray
» DIY Kids Kaleidoscope (25 Jun)

Builders DIY expert, Andrew Donkin shows us how to make a handcrafted kaleidoscope

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DIY Kids Kaleidoscope

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