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» DIY: How to make an Ottoman (26 Nov)

Zoe has a great DIY project just for you this week brought you by Builders – an Ottoman using an old tyre, some chip wood, rope and a little glue.

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DIY: How to make an Ottoman
» DIY: String Art Christmas Gift (19 Nov)

Our favourite DIY expert Zoe is back at it again and she has the perfect DIY Christmas gift for you!

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DIY: String Art Christmas Gift
» DIY: Spray Paint Canvas Art (12 Nov)

We're getting closer and closer to Christmas and this year we though we'd go the DIY route with gifts!

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DIY: Spray Paint Canvas Art
» DIY: Wine Cork Board (05 Nov)

This week Zoe brings you another one of her nifty DIY projects brought to you by Builders.

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DIY: Wine Cork Board
» Top DIY YouTube Channels (29 Oct)

DIY enthusiasts are always looking for new projects to take on, and these YouTube channels are great for those who want to sharpen their DIY skills.

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Top DIY YouTube Channels
» DIY Upstyle Coffee Table (29 Oct)

Summer is here, and for us that means DIY season! Today we show you how to whitewash a piece of wooden furniture.

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DIY Upstyle Coffee Table
» Builders DIY: Shaggy Dog Rug (22 Oct)

This DIY shaggy dog rug is perfect for you, or your beloved animals, to cosy up to.

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Builders DIY: Shaggy Dog Rug
» Builders DIY: Copper Magazine Stand (15 Oct)

For this week's DIY project, Zoe shows us how to make a Copper Magazine Stand out of copper piping.

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Builders DIY: Copper Magazine Stand
» In The Bag Decor Trend (02 Oct)

Carin Smith, Fashion and Decor Editor for Ideas Magazine, joined us in studio to share one of October's big feature trends called In The Bag.

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In The Bag Decor Trend
» DIY Utensil Holder (01 Oct)

Today's DIY project brought to you by Builders is a simple and versatile Utensil Holder.

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DIY Utensil Holder

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