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Popular Mechanics South Africa is the local resource for science, technology and innovation. Editor Alan Duggan, Deputy editor Anthony Doman and Associate editor Sean woods give us a weekly preview of the coolest gadgets hitting our shores.


» Oculus Rift (10 Sep)

The Oculus Rift is a pioneer in the future of virtual entertainment.

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Oculus Rift
» Hisense Infinity MAXE X1 Phablet (22 May)

Find out about the new Hisense Infinity MAXE X1 Phablet

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Hisense Infinity MAXE X1 Phablet
» The AppFactory (09 May)

Find out more about Microsoft's AppFactory

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The AppFactory
» Our new Hisense screen (22 Apr)

One of our new toys in studio: an 85inch Hisense 4k TV

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Our new Hisense screen
» Microsoft BizSpark: Quicket (18 Apr)

BizSpark is an innovative new program created to connect Startups with entrepreneurial and technology resources.

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Microsoft BizSpark: Quicket
» Cavendish Square launches interactive game (13 Dec)

Cavendish Square announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind interactive electronic game for the festive season.

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Cavendish Square launches interactive game
» Festive Cooking Apps for Windows 8.1 (13 Dec)

Celebrating the festive season can be a daunting task in the kitchen, but with the help from these few apps, the kitchen can become a fun and stress free place.

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Festive Cooking Apps for Windows 8.1
» Windows 8 Holiday Applications (12 Dec)

Windows has developed a few very handy apps to help make the holiday season easier for everyone

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Windows 8 Holiday Applications
» Acer Aspire R7 Convertible Touch (14 Aug)

We take a look at the new Acer Aspire R7 Convertible Touch and what it has to offer

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Acer Aspire R7 Convertible Touch
» iThink Challenge (07 Aug)

We speak to the learners from St Georges Grammar School who were victorious in the first round of the sixth national HIP2B2 iTHINK challenge

[Click for more info]

iThink Challenge

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