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» Future Mobile Homes (27 Jul)

Some of the world’s most innovative designers are coming up with new designs for homes that you can move around.

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Future Mobile Homes
» Expresso on Periscope (23 Jul)

Expresso is now on Periscope, the latest live streaming social media app!

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Expresso on Periscope
» Pluto is Ready for its Closeup (13 Jul)

Tomorrow, we Earthlings will see Pluto up close for the first time ever!

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Pluto is Ready for its Closeup
» The First Arab Supercar (07 Jul)

The first Arab Supercar has just been recently launched and this car takes bling to a whole new level.

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The First Arab Supercar
» How to Spend Your Leap Second (30 Jun)

Just before midnight tonight, you’ll be able to cash in on an extra second of your day.

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How to Spend Your Leap Second
» Self Healing Plastic (29 Jun)

New self-healing plastic could make cracked phones a thing of the past

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Self Healing Plastic
» Organs-On-Chips Wins Designs of the Year Award (24 Jun)

Human Organs-on-Chips has won the Design Museum Design of the Year Award for 2015.

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Organs-On-Chips Wins Designs of the Year Award
» Prosthetic Leg that Simulates Feeling (11 Jun)

Viennese scientist Hubert Egger has created the world’s first artificial leg capable of stimulating the feelings of a real limb.

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Prosthetic Leg that Simulates Feeling
» Street Sleeper - from billboard to sleeping bag (09 Jun)

Using a combination of ingenuity and clever design, Street Sleeper is working to tackle challenges faced by the homeless.

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Street Sleeper - from billboard to sleeping bag
» Underwater Google Street View (08 Jun)

On 8 June 2015 we celebrate World Ocean Day, and you can now go underwater thanks to Google Street View.

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Underwater Google Street View

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