Travel Experts

» Avios' Top Sailing Destinations for 2014 (19 Nov)

Sailing is one of the most loved leisure activities for many people around the world. We're counting down the top sailing spots all around the globe.

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Avios' Top Sailing Destinations for 2014
» Riaan Manser & Vasti Geldenhuys (14 Jul)

Riaan Manser & Vasti Geldenhuys have rowed their way into the history books by successfully traversing the Atlantic ocean from Morocco to New York

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Riaan Manser & Vasti Geldenhuys
» “Boomslang“ Tree Canopy Walkway (22 May)

The new “Boomslang” Tree Canopy Walkway launched at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

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 “Boomslang“ Tree Canopy Walkway
» Travel Experts - Walking Tour of Jozi (09 Nov)

Climbing down from Johannesburg's highways and exploring Egoli on foot is not your normal city tour. Expresso goes on an exciting walking tour of Jozi.

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Travel Experts - Walking Tour of Jozi
» Jesse Desjardins - Travel & Digital technology (28 Oct)

Jesse Desjardins has spent the last 6 years trotting the globe, consulting for clients throughout the tourism industry. We chat to him about how social network

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Jesse Desjardins - Travel & Digital technology
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