Travel Tips

» Most Colourful Cities Around the World (12 Oct)

Most cities are colourful, from the architecture to the interesting people, but some cities are more colourful than others.

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Most Colourful Cities Around the World
» Worlds First SandHotel (21 Sep)

Two new pop-up hotels in the Netherlands have taken beach living to a whole new level.

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Worlds First SandHotel
» Weird Natural Wonders from Around the World (28 Aug)

Sometimes nature can throw up some incredible and unexplainable moments that make you gasp in amazement.

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Weird Natural Wonders from Around the World
» 8 Weird yet Fascinating Hotels (06 Aug)

Go for more than just a bed and breakfast and indulge in an extraordinary overnight experience with these 8 unique hotels

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8 Weird yet Fascinating Hotels
» 9 Unique Theme Cruises (05 Aug)

From cats to boybands, here are 9 Unique Theme Cruises.

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9 Unique Theme Cruises
» The Coolest Hotel Pools (27 Jul)

A list of the coolest hotel pools in the world!

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The Coolest Hotel Pools
» How to Make Transport More Sustainable (25 Jun)

One of the key facets of Sustainability Week is transport, and one solution to making transport more sustainable is car-pooling and bike sharing.

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How to Make Transport More Sustainable
» Tips for Traveling Sustainably (22 Jun)

The sustainable travel movement is growing at a rapid pace, as it seeks to educate people about what they can do to make a difference while traveling.

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Tips for Traveling Sustainably
» Top Safari Parks in Africa (18 Jun)

The top safari parks to visit in Africa, according to tourists and travel writer.

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Top Safari Parks in Africa
» Where to See Snow in SA (03 Jun)

It’s unpredictable, but snow does fall in South Africa’s winter months. Here are 4 of the best places to see snow in SA.

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Where to See Snow in SA

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