Infant CPR
(21 Feb 2020)

Infant CPR demonstration on Expresso

Infant CPR

Although you hope you'll never use cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for your child or baby, it's important to know the steps so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. 

Vanessa Pickford, professional nurse, mum and Director of the Safe-Med Training Centre, joined us for our Baby Talk segment on Expresso to demonstrate how to perform infant CPR and to share advice on when and why knowing how to perform CPR is essential for all parents and child care professionals. 

Why would my baby need CPR?
If a baby stops breathing, he or she is not getting the oxygen needed to stay alive. If breathing stops, the heart will also soon stop.

How do you know when to give CPR to your infant?
Vanessa advises that you check to see 1. Is your baby breathing & 2. Is your baby responsive. 
If you baby is not breathing and not responsive then you need to give your child CPR. 
Vanessa advises that checking for a pulse can be very difficult so checking for breathing is a much faster safety check.  

If you think the baby is not breathing:
1. Check to see if the baby will respond to you. Tap the heel of the baby’s foot and call his or her name to see if he responds.
2. If the baby does not respond, call out for someone to call an ambulance or use your cell phone to call emergency services (112) and put it on ‘Speakerphone’ while you start CPR.
3. Turn the baby flat on his back on a hard surface.
4. Look at baby’s face and chest to see if baby is breathing. Look for at least 5 seconds, but no more than 10 seconds 
5. If baby is not breathing, remove clothes from his or her chest.
6. Find the right position for chest compressions by drawing an imaginary line between the nipples to find the middle of the breastbone.
7. Place 2 fingers just below that line on the breastbone and push down hard on the breastbone 1½ inches toward the backbone. Let the chest come back to its normal position after each compression. Compressions are done fast at a rate of 100 per minute.
8. After you have compressed the chest 30 times, open the baby's airway for mouth-to-mouth breathing using the head lift-chin lift method . Tip the head back with one hand on the forehead. Use the tips of the fingers of your other hand to lift the chin upward. Be careful not to close the baby's mouth completely. Tilt the head just until the nose is aimed at the ceiling. Do not tilt the head too far back because this may close the baby's airway).
9. Give 2 breaths . To do this, place your mouth over both the baby's mouth and nose to form an airtight seal.   Breathe in only enough air to make the baby's chest rise. Since the baby's lungs are small, only small puffs of air are needed to fill them.
10 Repeat 30 compressions and 2 breaths for a total of 5 times.

If you still have not called emergency services because you are alone and did not have a cell phone, call emergency services (112) after 5 sets of compressions and breaths. Then, resume CPR until help arrives. If help is already on the way and the child is not moving or breathing, continue CPR.

Emergency numbers:

Emergency - National (10111)
Emergency - Cell phone (112) 
Emergency - Ambulance (10177) 

 steps to performing cpr


Looking to do a Infant & Child CPR or First Aid Courses:

Safe-Med Training Centre 
Safe2Grow Infant & Child CPR & First Aid Courses

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