Yoga with Roxy Barton
(22 Jun 2020)


Yoga with Roxy Barton

On 21 June the world celebrated International Yoga Day - this day is celebrated in more than 150 countries every year. In view of the global coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 theme was ‘Yoga at Home’ and ‘Yoga with the Family’. All major mass yoga gatherings had to be cancelled but many people took to online platforms to share their routines. We have invited well-known yoga instructor, Roxy Barton to lead us through an easy home workout as we commemorate International Yoga Day.

Yoga is good for stress relief, relaxation of the mind, stretching/strenghtening the muscles and managing anxiety. 

All you need to do yoga is a mat or a towel. You can be any body size to do it. The key is to listen to your body. 

Yoga is different from other exercises because you connect to your breath. By doing this, you calm down your nerves.

1. Sit cross-legged in a comfortable position. 

2. Inhale and lift the shoulders towards the ears. Exhale and roll them down. 

3. Breathing exercise: Inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, hold your breath on the 3 and then exhale out of your mouth for 4 seconds. This helps bring your concentration to your breathe and you can do it wherever or whenever. 

4. Bring your arms over your head, exhale, twist to the right, bring your left hand to your right thigh and your right hand behind you. Gaze over your right shoulder. This stretch is great for detoxification and help blood flow. Repeat on the other side. Concentrate on breathing out your mouth and in through your nose. 

5. Cat Stretch: Cross your legs and mack your way onto your shins so that you're on all fours. Your hands should be underneath your shoulders and your knees under your hips.  Push your tail bone to the roof as you gaze forward. Next, draw your chin to your chest and bring your tail bone under for the cat stretch. Repeat this movement a number of times to bring fluidity to the spine. 


6. Bring your right hand up and gaze towards it as you roll out your wrists. As you exhale draw your right arm underneath your left arm as if you're threading it. Bring your right shoulder to the ground and stretch out your left arm. Repeat on the other side. 

You can do these exercises at home, before bed, when you wake up or when you need to let your muscles breathe. 

Roxy has a special for all Expresso viewers - a free week of yoga on her platform. DM her on Instagram and she will pop you a voucher. 


Watch the full workout: 

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