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by Ewan Strydom

Expresso Presenter Ewan Strydom fitness blog
26 January 2011 - Extreme Fitness

Another Wednesday, another Extreme Fitness session with GI Joe Johno from Transfit, and I'm starting to think that the title is extremely befitting! He had our pulses racing for the hills this morning with his explosive to active rest routine. So here's how it went down. We started off with some forward and backward lunges just to get the body warm, which is very important before any exercise, and the pulse beating faster. We then dropped to the floor and did as many push-ups as possible in 10 seconds, thats the explosive part, and then back to slow forward and backward lunges, alternating the legs, which was the active recovery part. We kept on doing this for 3 or so cycle's then added into the mix, 'The Running Man', which really got the heart rate up.

Now the point of the whole active recovery is to constantly keep doing some form of exercise while bringing the heart rate down instead of just standing around waiting for time to pass. This way you are able to get a much more powerful workout in less time, which is great for those few minutes before you rush off to start your day!

So go on, give this whole 'Explosive-Active Recovery' thing a bash, you won't regret it!

Expresso's Team Extreme
Extreme fitness with Expresso presenter Ewan Strydom

14 January 2011 - The Usher Workout

Friday's are celeb workout days here on Expresso and we have been featuring a wide range of workouts from Gerard Butler to Jennifer Aniston. It is always interesting to step into an A-list celebrity's shoes and experience what they do to keep in shape.

For todays workout Herman Schroder came with a serious stomach workout just like Usher would do it! Man, that was hectic! No wonder Usher has that washboard stomach!

We started off with weight assisted crunches and the going into to boat pose rotating the weight from side to side, after that my stomach was on fire, but that was far from the end. We moved on to a side bridge raising and lowering the hips to the floor. So by now I had a good sweat going and Herman the instructed us to pull the physio-ball's closer. Now physio-balls really tests the body's stability and insures that all those little stabilizer muscles comes into play. if you don't have one of those by now I would seriously suggest you getting one! They are so versatile and can do hundreds of cool exercises on it. When you go buy one make sure to asked for advice as you need to buy the correct size, an indication would be to sit on the ball and your knees should be bent roughly 90 Degrees. Needles to say after todays workout I will definitely feel my stomach!

Remember, the key to a great stomach is to get stuck on one exercise, but include a nice variety of stomach exercises into your workout...And of course diet!!

And that's how Usher does it...

Expresso shows you how to workout like Usher

12 January 2011 - Transfit

Wednesdays are Extreme days here on Expresso with Johno Meintjes from Transfit, and when I say extreme, I mean it! I literally had to crawl towards camera after the first session to deliver a line, my legs were aching! And that after only a few minutes. Its tough, but effective. As I said before this exercise is perfect for when you have only a few minutes to spare and you don't need a huge space to do it, you don't even need any equipment as you use your own body as an exercise tool. I'm sure you are familiar with the type of exercises we do, mountain climbers, burpees, push-ups squat jumps and they are all great exercises to tone and sculpt your body, and by mixing up exercises like these you will always have a new workout, always important not to keep doing the same exercise and routines over and over as your body gets used to it.

Keep it mixed up! ( Ps there are so much more bodyweight exercises out there and the net is a good place to source, my favorite bodyweight exercises are a variety of push up's, plain and simple)

So keep watching Expresso and we'll keep showing you some great routines!

Expresso Presenter Ewan Strydom does some extreme exercise

11 January 2011 - Zumba

What a Zumba session this morning with Franco Human and Adrienn Strydom! So it seems the green shorts that he is always wearing is becoming quite a thing! I must say that the green makes it a lot easier to follow his moves, maybe we must all wear green shorts for the next one! So today we threw in a brand new routine which was awesome, was a bit hard to follow at first but as we went on it started getting a bit easier, my coordination was seriously tested this morning! Its stays amazing the fact that the more you get to know the routines the more intense the workout gets as you are able to throw your whole body into your dancing! And its some serious fun, even when you don't know a routine its fun to get to know it and in the same time burn those calories! So keep it up and Zumba with us every Tuesday!!!  ( And if you want you can wear green shorts too!! )

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10 January 2011 - Yoga

Had such a nice Yoga session this morning with Kate Ball from Yogazone and top South African model Lyndall Jarvis.





There's always that little bit of extra tension and stress just before the show on a Monday morning and as soon as the session gets underway you can immediately feel the tension just starting to disappear from your body, and you start relaxing, its amazing! The other thing that's very noticeable is that when we start the yoga session obviously your body is not warmed up ( a big reason is that its early!! ) and even if I want to reach my toes there is no way I would be able to, but literally just after a few minutes reaching my toes seems like a breeze, and it feels great to be able to do it! Somebody actually asked me after the show how long have I been doing Yoga for because I look so flexible, I said that I've never done yoga in my life before starting on Expresso. It really has helped me a lot to improve my flexibility and it feels and is  ' Healthy' to be flexible!  

So if you have never tried yoga before, maybe 2011 is the year to start!

7 December 2010 - Zumba

Wow, after that Zumba Fitness session with Franco Human this morning I must say that I am tired! It is so funny because on Sunday I went for a 10km run and was able to do it easily, but doing the Zumba for just a few minutes, I was completely out of breath! Now I know what you thinking, no I was actually RUNNING the 10 km's and not walking it! I'm just running fit and can run for hours ;-)

Zumba on the other hand is such a great exercise because it involves the whole body moving all joints at the same time, and that adds up to a whole lot of calories burnt so a great weight loss solution and on top of it all, its FUN!!

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Till next time!

1 December 2010 - Transfit

Extreme Exercise!

Had a great workout with Johno Meintjes from Transfit this morning!
He always manages to get me out of breath within a couple of minutes!

This extreme exercise routine is extremely effective purely because of the rapid pace and explosive type of exercises like the  'Lunge Jump' and the 'Exposive push-up'. This builds athletic power and because the muscles needs a good oxygenated blood supply throughout the exercise so the heart and lungs kick into top gear. Now you are burning those calories!

If you only have a couple of minutes before needing to rush off to work, try these exercises we did today, it will literally take your breath away!

Stay Fit!

23 November 2010 - Zumba

I have never done a Zumba Fitness session in my life before, the reason for this is simple, I have two left feet and swinging my hips don't come naturally! Expresso broadened my horizon!

The thing that I found with doing these Zumba Fitness sessions is that no matter how little rhythm flows through your veins, it doesn't matter. The whole idea is to have fun and at the same time get a great cardiovascular workout.
After just a few mins I am left searching for my breath! It is such great cadio workout because your whole body is constantly moving, and the more joint movement at once, the harder the heart and lungs have to work to supply oxygenated blood to the muscles, which in turn means a lot of calories burnt!

So join myself and Franco Human not only for a great Zumba Fitness workout but also for some good laughs!




22 November 2010 - Yoga

We had a great yoga session this morning with Kate Ball from Yogazone and it really helped to relax all of us on this Manic Monday Morning!
Just a few things to clear up some perceptions you might have regarding yoga. I've never done yoga in my life before starting it on Expresso and used to think that yoga is not 'intense' enough and that you have to be flexible to do it,but as a matter of fact anyone can do it and it gets quite intense and works on much more than just your flexibility!

Here are a few yoga benefits:
* It improves flexibility by stretching the muscles which releases any lactic acid build up that causes stiffness,tension and pain.
* Some styles of yoga such as Power yoga helps improve muscle tone but even less vigorous styles of yoga such as Lyengar provides strength and endurance by focusing on less movement and more precise alignment in poses.
* Throughout a yoga workout a lot of focus goes into breathing and in turn reduces stress levels and has a calming effect on your whole being.

Now these are only three of many benefits that yoga gives you so it would be a good idea to include it into your exercise routine. You will definitely feel a difference! I do!


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