Roasted Lamb, Cranberry and Brie Gourmet Toastie Recipe

Roasted Lamb, Cranberry and Brie Gourmet Toastie is a delicious solution to fill you hungry tummy.

Serves: 2
Time: 30 minutes
Recipe by: Thando Manyoni


  • 2 cups pulled lamb cooked
  • ¾ cup BBQ sauce
  • ¼ cup siracha
  • 4 tbsp butter, soft
  • 2 Portuguese rolls, halved
  • ½ cranberry jelly
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 100g brie, sliced

How To Make Roasted Lamb, Cranberry and Brie Gourmet Toastie 

  1. In a small bowl, combine the pulled lamb, bbq sauce and siracha. Season to taste.
  2. Heat a grill pan on high heat. Spread the cranberry jelly on the base of the rolls and spread the butter on the exterior of the rolls
  3. Place the rolls, butter side down on the grill pan and assemble the sandwiches.
  4. Start with a layer of spinach on each base followed by the brie and topped with the pulled lamb.
  5. Close each sandwich with the tops of the rolls and toast until the brie has melted.

Chefs Tip: You can switch out the lamb with for chicken or pork depending your preference.

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