Clover Authentikos Peri-Peri Chicken Livers

Loved by South Africans everywhere!

Serves: 4
Time: 20 minutes
Recipe by: Kelly Anne Damons


500g fresh chicken livers
1 garlic head peeled
15 fresh chillies chopped
1/2 onion thinly sliced
2 red peppers roasted
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp sunflower oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup Clover Authentikos plain
Fresh parsley
Crusty bread rolls for serving


For the peri peri sauce combine the chilli, garlic cloves, vinegar, sugar and peppers in a blender and blitz until smooth. Pour into a saucepan and allow the sauce to cook and reduce, season with salt and pepper to taste. In a pan, heat the oils and add in the sliced onion and allow it to brown and add in your fresh chicken livers, place a lid on to prevent it from splattering. Cooke for 5 minutes, add in your peri peri sauce and cook for 1 more minute. Fold in the Clover Authentikos Greek style yoghurt and garnish with fresh chopped parsley and serve with warm crusty bread.

Chefs Tip: You could also use beef liver for the same result 

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