Jamie-Lee Domburg

Jamie-Lee Domburg is a trailblazing South African media personality, business-woman, model, brand ambassador, power-mom, public speaker and overall mover and shaker.

Born in Cape Town, Jamie-Lee is proud of her roots, and makes no bones about growing up in a community that has shaped her into the woman that she is today.

With her vast experience in both the local and international arts and drama scenes, as well as various professional dance circles, she is a multifaceted talent that brings both charm and finesse to any project that she takes on.

Apart from her many talents, she is passionate about leading and promoting a healthy lifestyle and taking care of both her physical and mental wellbeing.

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  1. Norman Brander

    Hi Jamie-Lee I love your personality, features you are really an asset on the expresso show you compliment your role so perfectly, love the way you express yourself the chemistry may you continue growing and glowing.

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