Lactose-Free Pap with Peanut Butter

Enjoy your favourite breakfast without the bloating! Clover Nolac making pap great again!

Recipe by: Nicole Snelling


  • 2 cups Clover Nolac milk
  • 2 cups Water
  • 1 cup Maize meal
  • Sugar, for serving
  • Go nuts peanut butter, for serving
  • Salt to taste

How To Make Lactose-Free Pap

  1. Bring 1 cup of Nolac milk and 1 cup water to the boil in a medium pot.
  2. Mix the maize meal together in a bowl with the other half of the water and milk.
  3. Add the maize mixture to the boiling milk and water while stirring continuously.
  4. Bring the heat down to a low simmer, cover the pot with a lid and cook the pap for 30 minutes.
  5. Melt the peanut butter in the microwave until runny, make sure to mix it really well.
  6. Serve the pap with dollops of peanut butter, marble it in using a skewer or a knife and sprinkle of sugar to your liking.

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