Minions Treats

We’re having a Minions Party! 

Serves: 2-4
Time: 30 minutes
Recipe by: Nicole Snelling 


For the bark: 

1 Cup white chocolate, melted
1 Cup pretzel sticks
¼ Cup blue and yellow sweets
1-2 drops blue colorants
1-2 drops yellow colorants
1 Tbsp blue and yellow sprinkles
edible eyes

For the cupcakes: 

6-8 Store bought muffins or cupcakes
3-4 twinkies/ cream filled cakes
edible eyes
prepared blue icing
prepared black royal icing



For the bark:

Divide the chocolate in half and add the yellow colourants to the one half and blue to the other. Mix them until the colourants has dissolved.
Line a baking sheet with baking paper and pour the blue chocolate on the base and spread out. Add the pretzels and then pour the yellow chocolate over the pretzels and spread out. Evenly distribute the sprinkles, sweets and edible eyes over the yellow chocolate. Allow the chocolate to set.
Break up the bark and serve.

For the cupcakes: 

To assemble the cupcake, half the twinkies. Add the prepared royal icing into a piping bag, then pipe the eyes and mouth onto each sponge cake and place the eyes according to the minion characters.
Pipe the blue butter icing onto each cupcake and place the minion character ontop of the cupcake and serve.

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