Ryle's Ultimate Veggie Burger

Expresso presenter Ryle de Morny shares his ultimate veggie burger.

Serves: 2
Time: 30 minutes
Recipe by: Nicole Snelling


2 Vegetarian patties
2 burger buns, toasted
80g brie or camembert cheese, sliced
1 whole Portobello mushrooms, sliced in half lengthways
1 red onion, sliced
2 Tbsp cranberry jam or jelly
1 Tbsp olive oil
rocket to serve
salt and pepper, to taste

Serve with salad or fries of your choice


Bring a preheated pan medium heat, add ½ Tbsp oil and onions and allow to caramelize, this will take up to 10-15 minutes. Once the onions have turned a nice golden colour, set them aside.
Bring a griddle pan to a medium-high heat. Brush the mushroom slices with the remaining oil, season with salt and pepper and place onto the grill to cook for 6-8 minutes and then set aside while you cook the veggie patties on the same grill. Cook the patties until golden on the outside, then add some slices of cheese directly onto the patties to allow the cheese to slight melt.
Place a veggie patty onto the base of each bun, top with a slice of mushroom and some caramelized onions.
Add some cranberry jam/jelly and rocket, then close off with the bun top and serve with a salad or fires of your choice.

Chefs Tip: If you’re not into the vegetarian vibes, replace the patty with beef or chicken or even ostrich!

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