BWell Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake

Today we revealing the secret to delicious fluffy gluten-free vanilla cake! B-well’s Lemonaise Mayo is the hack to ensuring the best gluten free vanilla cake recipe.

Serves: 12
Time: 1 hour
Recipe by: Thando Manyoni


2 ¼ cups gluten free flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 ½ cups sugar
3 eggs
½ cup oil
1 tbsp vanilla essence
½ cup B-well lemonaise mayo
1 cup milk

For the vanilla/lemon buttercream:
1 cup butter
4-5 cups icing sugar
¼ milk, to soften if needed
Zest of one lemon
2 tsp vanilla essence
Pinch of salt


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Prepare two round 20cm springform cake tins.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the gluten-free flour, baking powder and salt. In a separate large bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy, for 3 minutes. On low speed, pour the oil in a slow stream. Mix in the vanilla and lemon juice. In a jug combine the mayo and milk. Add the flour mixture and milk mixture alternately until fully combined. Pour the batter into the prepare pans. Bake until golden brown for 35-40 minutes. Cool completely before layering with buttercream.

Make the butter cream by beating the butter for 2 minutes until light and cream. Add 4 cups of icing sugar, milk, lemon zest, vanilla essence and salt. Beat on low speed until incorporated, then increase the speed and beat for 2 minutes.

Chefs Tip:Using the combination of the mayo and oil makes for a moist and rich gluten-free cake without weighing down the cake.
Adding the dry ingredients alternately with the liquid ingredients ensure the flour absorbs into the batter. Preventing a dry and grainy gluten-free cake.
If the buttercream tastes too buttery, you can add another cup of icing sugar and if it’s a bit stiff you can add a bit of milk just to loosen it up.

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