Clover Bliss Chocolate Croffle Pops

What do you get when you cross a waffle with a croissant on a stick? The answer is delectably indulgent croffle pops! The best way to serve them is with the double indulgent Clover Bliss medium cream chocolate dairy dessert. Lets say no more and get to it!

Serves: 3-4
Time: 20 minutes
Recipe by: Monicia Horne


X1 pack frozen or fresh croissants
1 few popsicle sticks
1 cups melted white chocolate
Clover Bliss Medium Cream Chocolate Dairy dessert

Toppings of choice
Cocoa powder for dusting
Choc chips for garnish
Chocolate shavings


Place the croissants onto a popsicle stick and brush with egg wash. Heat a greased waffle iron and add in the croissants. Cook until golden brown. Dip into melted white chocolate and place onto a wire wrack. Pour over the Clover Bliss dairy dessert. Top with desired toppings of choice and serve.

Chefs Tip:

  1. Clover Bliss Medium Cream Chocolate Dairy Dessert is a ready to eat chocolate dairy dessert that you can pour, sauce it or top it with any sweet treat
  2. its just ready to eat indulgence at best

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