Clover Fresh Milk Cinnamon Hush Puppies

Traditionally a side with savoury dishes, we’re giving it a fresh and sweet twist!

Serves: 3-4
Time: 10 minutes
Recipe by: Monicia Horne


1 cup cornmeal /semolina flour
1 cup self raising flour
1/3 cup sugar
Pinch of salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 egg
½ cup Clover Fresh milk
Oil for frying

For the cinnamon sugar
1 cup castor sugar
1 tbsp ground cinnamon


In a large bowl, combine the cornmeal, flour, sugar, salt and ground cinnamon.

Whisk the egg into the milk, make a well in the centre of flour and pour in the egg milk mixture. Fold to combine and allow the batter to rest for 10 minutes.

Heat oil and scoop tablespoons of batter into the oil. Fry until golden brown and it floats to the top of the oil. Remove the hushpuppies with a slotted spoon and roll into the cinnamon sugar.
Dip until well coated. You can serve the hush puppies with jam or butter.

Chefs Tip: Instead of cinnamon sugar, make a spicy syrup to glaze the hush puppies

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