Clover Krush Peanut Butter Protein Wafers

 Snacking can sometimes be a challenge for when you are trying to keep healthy. With the goodness of Krush 100% fruit juice, it has become a lot easier to do so. Not only is it a 100% refreshing juice to enjoy on its own, its packed with vitamins A, C and D to support your health and you can enjoy it with almost anything, like a healthier version of a chocolate and peanut butter wafer.

Serves: 2-3
Time: 15 minutes
Recipe by: Monicia Horne


4-6 rice crackers
1cup peanut butter
1 cup melted dark chocolate
Zest of orange


Spread a thick layer of peanut butter on one rice cracker and sandwich with another. Mix orange zest into chocolate and coat the sandwich until covered with chocolate. Place into fridge to set quicker and serve with a refreshing Krush.

Chefs Tip:The best way to enjoy any meal is simply with a refreshing Krush to add a dose of goodness to your day.

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