Culinary Hotline - 25 January 2023

Today on our Culinary Hotline, we having delicious French toast and Buckwheat noodles.

French toast

Recipe by: We Café


White bread ( brioche bread or something similar) whole loaf
1L Vanilla ice cream
1 punnet Fresh strawberries
1 punnet Fresh blueberries
1 tin Berry jam
200g Roasted cashews
1 Bunch banana
500ml Coconut oil
1 tin Coconut milk
250ml Maple syrup
1 tin Coconut condensed milk
1 Bunch mint
1 punnet edible flowers

Buckwheat noodles

Recipe by: Café


1 punnet fresh shiitake mushrooms
750g – 1kg Carrot
1 Red bell pepper
1 Red onion
200g Tempeh
200g Teriyaki sauce
1 pack Buckwheat noodles
1 large 5-7cm piece of ginger
1 bunch fresh coriander leaves
50g Roasted sesame seeds

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