Curried Leg of Lamb and Creamy Mushroom Barley

An Easter feast menu inspiration from Mmule Setati of Feed My Tribe

Recipe by: Feed My Tribe – Mmule Setati


  • Oil
  • Leg of Lamb
  • 1 Onion; diced
  • Woolworths Durban Curry Cook-in-Sauce
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Cinammon Stick
  • Masala Curry Powder
  • Paprika
  • Cumin
  • Mother-in-Law Spice
  • Rosemary or Coriander
  • Salt & Pepper

How To Make Curried Leg of Lamb

  1. In a large oven proof cast iron pot add in oil
  2. Then add in the leg of lamb and brown all sides
  3. Season the meat with garlic & onion powder, masala powder, paprika, mother in law spice, cumin and salt and pepper
  4. Once the meat has browned add in the Woolworths Durban Curry cook in sauce and rosemary
  5. Leave in the oven for 4 hours


  • Woolworths Fully Cooked Barley
  • Mushrooms; sliced
  • Garlic & Onion Powder
  • Butter
  • Pouring Cream

How To Make Creamy Mushroom Barley

  1. Add in butter and oil into a pot and sauté till soft
  2. Remove the Woolworth barely from packaging into the pot with mushrooms.
  3. Season then add in pouring cream

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