Jungle Oats So Easy - 3 Ways

If you find yourself having to eat breakfast at the office more than you like, then we are here to bring you HOPE.
It doesn’t have to be boring, bland or basic. Today, are we are using Jungle Oats so Easy, and giving you THREE delicious ways to make all your colleagues jealous tomorrow at breakfast.

Serves: 1
Recipe by: Nicole Snelling


1 sachet of Jungle oatso easy, original
Boiling water

Option 1:
1 Tbsp condensed milk
½ banana, mashed

Option 2:
1 Tbsp Granadilla pulp
1 Tbsp Lemon curd

Option 3:
1 Tbsp flaked almonds
1 Tbsp honey


You will need a large mug to prepare your Oatso easy breakfast.
Add the contents of the Oatso easy sachet into the mug and prepare according to package instructions.
Then choose the option of your choice and fold into the prepared oats and serve immediately.

Chefs Tip:This is the perfect breakfast option to keep at work – and you can add any fruit or toppings of your choice.

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