Mexican PlantLove™ Burgers

It’s Burger Friday with WOOLWORTHS and this flavourful vegan burger is a banger!

Recipe by: Nicole Snelling


  • PlantLove™ Minced Soya Rounds 160 g: 6009214014692
  • PlantLove™ Dairy Free Macadamia Nut Based Cheddar Flavoured Sliced Cheese 160 g: 6009226676802
  • Smokey BBQ Braai Marinade
  • Pickled Red Onion Petals 90g
  • Plain Avocado Guacamole 200 g
  • Salsa Nachos Chips 250g
  • Burger buns, toasted

How To Make Mexican PlantLove Burger

  1. To prepare the patties, place some oil in a non-stick medium heated pans.
  2. Sear them on each side for a minute or two before basting them with the marinade.
  3. Allow the marinade to get sticky and thick before removing the patties.
  4. Add the patties to each bun, top with sliced cheese, guacamole and red onion petals.
  5. Crush some of the nachos up and add them to the burger.
  6. Serve the burger with fries of your choice.

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