Woolworths Croissant French toast waffles with berry and honey

Breakfast for a festive morning!

Serves: 6
Time:  10 minutes
Recipe by: Clem Pedro


Woolies chocolate and hazelnut

200g freshly frozen berry medley
4T honey
2t vanila extract
3T water

3 free range eggs
3/4 cup cream (extra 1/4 cup optional)
2T icing sugar

2 cups double thick cream
2t vanilla extract
3T icing sugar
Lemon zest


Divide your wreath into 6 equal pieces and set aside while preparing your sauce.

In a pot combine your frozen berries, honey and vanilla. Add the water and place over a medium, gently bringing it to a simmer as the berries soften and release their colour and flavour, once the berries have broken down remove the pot from the heat.

In a mixing bowl combine the eggs, cream and icing sugar. Dip one of the pieces of the wreath in the egg mixture and give it a good soak before placing it in a waffle iron. Cook until perfectly waffled.

In the meantime combine your double thick cream, vanilla and icing sugar by gently stirring it together, no need to whip the cream as its already thick.

If you prefer your cream mixture a little thinner add the 1/4 cup of cream left over from preparing your waffle mixture and stir through.

Once your waffles are cooked spoon over some of the cream and top with the berry compote finishing with a zesting of lemon.

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