A Sunday lunch style recipe.

Serves: 8
Recipe by: Clement Pedro


Free Range deboned leg of lamb with Rosemary & Garlic
400ml home style brown gravy
585g Woolies roasted butternut and beetroot salad

For the crispy roast potatoes
2kg Woolies everyday large potatoes, peeled
2T salt
About 2 cups of oil (depending on the size of your roasting dish)
Woolies veg and potato seasoning


Prepare the lamb according to the instructions given. Once the lamb has roasted remove it from the roasting dish and deglaze the dish with a little water. Add the gravy to the dish and combine with the deglazed mixture. This can be done in the oven or directly over a gas flame depending on the dish your using.
Heat until the gravy becomes hot enough to serve.

For the crispy roast potatoes, cut your potatoes in half and any larger potatoes into thirds. Add to a pot cold water along with the salt and cool until the potatoes become soft. Remove the potatoes from the water and strain in a colander gently shaking them to ruff the outside slightly.
Allow the potatoes to steam removing an excess moisture from the outside of the spud, during this time heat your oil in a metal roasting dish with the 2 cups of oil in an oven preheat to 180C.

Once the oil is ready to fry the potatoes gently add them to the roasting dish and coat in the oil, the potatoes should sit in enough oil, just below shallow frying.
Roast the potatoes in the oven turning every 20 minutes until the potatoes are evenly golden and very crispy. This could take an hour.
Remove the crispy potatoes and place on absorbent kitchen paper.

Carve your lamb and serve with the crispy potatoes, gravy and the roasted beetroot and butternut salad.

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