Woolworths DIY Latte Mixes

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Serves: 2-4
Recipe by: Clem Pedro 


Turmeric latte mix

4T Woolies organic turmeric powder
1/2t freshly ground black pepper
1T Woolies organic ginger powder
2T cinnamon
1t ground cloves

Beetroot latte mix

4T Woolies organic beetroot powder
3T unsweetened coca
20g raw cacao bar, grated
1t ground cardamom
2t instant espresso powder


Combine the ingredients for the turmeric latte and store in an airtight jar. 

Do the same with the beetroot latte mix. 

Heat a cup of milk (or alternative milk like rice milk or coconut milk) over a medium heat. Add a heaped tablespoon of either your turmeric mix or beetroot mix to the milk and sweeten with either honey, maple syrup or pitted dates. 

After 5 minutes blend the mixture with a hand blender. If your using dates as a sweetener allow them to soften before blending with a hand blender frothing the latte slightly and pureeing the dates. 

Serve either hot or over large pieces of ice 

Chefs Tip:  Shop these mixes and more at Woolworths stores.  

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