Culinary Hotline - 13 July 2022

We tackle the dreaded, Load Shedding on this weeks’ Culinary Hotline 

Serves: 2-4
Time: 30 minutes
Recipe by: Clem Pedro


Peri Peri Pineapple Chicken Buns: 

2 large free range chicken breasts
½ Cup Woolies Peri-peri prego baste and dip
440g Woolies pineapple rings in light syrup
4 cheddar slices

For the slaw:
½ cabbage finely shredded
About 100g Woolies sweet and sour sliced gherkins, diced
4 Tbsp Jalapeno atchar
¾ Cup Woolies tangy mayonnaise, extra for your buns

NO COOK Smokey chicken tacos

Woolies free range smoked chicken breasts, about 250g, finely sliced
12 Woolies corn taco shells

For the fillings:
Finely shredded icon lettuce
Cubed avocado
Ready made red pickled onions
Fresh coriander finely chopped
Think sliced jalapeños
Sour cream and chive dip
Woolies chipotle sauce
Finely chopped chives
Crumbled feta
Serve with wedges of lime


Peri Peri Pineapple Chicken Buns: 

Prepared over a table top braai or single gas cooker.
Divide the chicken breasts through the middle before pounding out between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. Add the 4 pieces of chicken breast and cover in the peri peri basing sauce.
Place your chicken on your table top braai and grill.

Because you’ve pounded the chicken flatter than what it normally is it will cook in a fraction the time saving you time in the kitchen. Add your pineapple rings to the braai and grill with the chicken turning over every 30 seconds until the chicken is cooked through and the pineapple is slightly charred.

While the chicken and pineapple is grilling prepare you slaw by combining all the ingredients together and setting a side.
If you’re like me and you always have to have your buns buttered, even when you have a creamy topping like the slaw simply coat the sliced buns with some mayo, and if you don’t mind spending another minute in the kitchen you can toast it on the grill.

Add your grilled chicken to the bottom of your bun followed by a slice of cheese and your grilled pineapple rings. Add some slaw and finish with the top of the bun.
This is a juicy bun so have napkins ready.

NO COOK Smokey Chicken Tacos: 

On a large platter or board arrange all the different elements in separate bowls and invite everyone to build their own tacos. When it comes to dining in the dark it doesn’t get tastier than this.
Any leftover can easily be turned into a delicious salad perfect for tomorrows lunch.



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