Lindt Dark Chocolate Cake

A Dark Chocolate Cake with a Twist… of Excellence. 

Serves: 8
Time: 45 minutes
Recipe by: LINDT


100 g water

100g sugar
50 g butter
15 g cocoa powder

2g baking powder

2 g bicarbonate of soda

80 g flour

50 g Lindt Mango & Almond
50 g eggs (1 large)

Milk chocolate ganache
100 % Lindt Caramel with a Touch of Sea salt
100% Cream


Cake: Bring to the boil the water, sugar & butter.
Off the heat add the chocolate & stir to dissolve well.
Add the egg (which have been whisked).
Then add the dry ingredients until well combined to a smooth mixture.
Portion into the prepared cake tin & bake 35 min on 140’C firm to the touch.
Ganache: Heat the cream and pour over chocolate. Stir until melted. Decorate cake with ganache and more Lindt chocolate.

Chefs Tip: Lindt EXCELLENCE is great for baking, but it is enjoyed even better on its own.

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